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Keep your Trees and Plants Healthy with Dormant Oil

Are your trees and plants not growing to their potential? Are they suffering from disease and insects? Your trees and plants are expensive, so maintain your trees and plants’ health and prevent potential problems from getting out of hand or eventual death.

Your longest living trees and plants accumulate parasites like scale, fungi, eggs of over-wintering insects, and mites on their bark.  Preventative organic measures have been in use for years and are our number one solution. Coating the bark in Dormant Oil suffocates insect and mite eggs, while Lime and Sulphur will sanitize bark and soil for fungi and bacteria. Slow release root feeding will reduce stress and will also promote health. Healthy trees also ensure that when a problem occurs trees are better able to deal with them.

Dormant Oil spraying combines horticultural oil and lime sulphur to kill over-wintering insects (such as scale and mites), insect eggs and diseases on certain hardy landscape plants. Dormant oil and lime sulphur are best applied to fruit trees, roses, ornamental shrubs, evergreens and trees and trees like Hawthorne, Crab Apple and Honey Locust.

Green Blade lawn care is offering Dormant Oil treatment for your trees and plants. Give Green Blade Lawn care a call for a free healthy tree assessment.

Keep your Trees and Plants Healthy with Dormant Oil

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