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How to Prepare your Grass for Fall!

Fall is a great season for many reasons.. It is a time of year that we get to see the green leaves turn into the most amazing vibrant shades of red, burnt amber and yellow. It is the time of year that we prepare for the fall festivities and prepare our green grass and home for the winter ahead.

Prepping your green grass for the winter helps to promote early spring green up and allows the lawn to survive the stress of winter.

To make sure that your grass transitions well during this period, rake leaves and debris. Do not cut the lawn too short. Keeping the grass shaggy during winter keeps nutrients in the blades of the grass to help through the stress of winter. Consider a lawn care maintenance program to give your lawn the professional treatment required to put your grass to sleep. Our prepaid packages will also ensure that your grass wakes up healthy and ready next spring.

Green Blade Lawn care can ensure that your lawn gets what it needs this fall. Whether it be overseeding or late fall fertilizer, we have almost 40 years of experience successfully getting grass ready for the winter. Give us a call for a free green lawn assessment and customized treatment plan.

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