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Get Healthy Trees and Shrubs with proper Root Feeding and Fertilizing!

Trees and plants are great for our environment. Every Tree we plant:

1.)  Is a filter that cleans pollutants such as carbon monoxide and ground-level ozone from our air

2.)  Is a shady umbrella that helps to keep harmful UV rays of the sun from reaching our skin and causing cancer

3.)  Increases the value of our property by making it more desirable on the real estate market

4.)  Absorbs the carbon dioxide and store carbon in their growing tissues, this aids the fight against global warming

5.)  Shades our home in the summer lowering our air conditioning costs, and protects our homes from the cold winter winds lowering our heating costs

6.)  Provides home and food for birds, butterflies and pollinating insects, enhancing biodiversity

7.)  Adds urban green space lowering our stress levels and enhancing our well-being

8.)  In the south and west sides of your home will provide summer shade but allow bright winter sunlight to warm your home

Why feed your trees and shrubs? Your shrubs and trees are a growing investment that should increase in beauty and value with each passing year. Sometimes landscape plants fail to flourish and even go into decline due to a lack of proper nourishment and/or preventative maintenance, poor soil or less than ideal planting locations. Tree and shrub feeding (also known as root feeding) is a simple process of injecting the food directly into the root zone of the tree or shrub. The fertilizer is then absorbed and activated quickly and easily. Proper plant food and root feedings of your trees and shrub has many benefits including heightened resistance to disease, improved flowering or budding, and increased ability to ward off insect attacks!

Contact Green Blade Lawn Care for information on the ideal Tree and Shrub root feeding and fertilizer package that will ensure that your Trees and Plants remains green and healthy all summer long. We have almost 40 years of experience successfully treating and creating greener lawns and trees for our customers. Give us a call for a free healthy tree assessment and customized treatment plan.

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