Get Healthy Green Grass with the Right Fertilization Plan!

Prevention is better than cure! Your lawn needs an ongoing treatment plan to stay healthy. Green Blade Lawn Care can provide a science-based treatment plan customized to meet your specific needs. When combined with proper mowing and watering techniques, these treatment services can maximize your lawn’s potential. The first step towards a healthy lawn is […]

A Green Grass Treatment Plan will Save you Time and Money!

Improve the look and feel of your lawn with a Green Grass treatment plan. It will save you time and money! Green lawn treatment plans and solutions differ based on a number of variables. These variables include climate, region, season, the quality of the lawn care products you buy and your available time. At Green […]

Brown Grass Can be Green Again with Dethaching

The snow is melting and you can add your grass again.  Your neighbours’ grass is green and lush while yours is multiple shades of brown.  Don’t worry your grass can be bright green again. Here are some tips from Green Blade Lawn Care. As your lawn grows it can accumulate a thick layer of thatch […]

Spring Lawn Care Tips

Spring is a wonderful time to bring your garden and lawn back to life. Are you concerned about the colour of your grass? Are you looking for some ideas on how to help your grass flourish during spring? Here are some tips from Green Blade Lawn Care. Often in the spring, the grass is brown […]

Green Healthy Lawn with Over Seeding

Maximize your lawn’s full potential with the right treatment plan implemented at the right stage throughout the year. For example, adding topsoil and grass seed in the spring is encouraged. This combined lawn care technique introduces young youthful grass for a lush, healthier lawn.  Seeding is a less expensive way of renovating your lawn over […]

Get Healthy Green Grass with Aeration!

A healthy green lawn can be achieved with the right plan executed at the right time. For example, timely lawn aeration during the spring can spark the growth of your grass and improve your grass overall health. Core aeration is the removal of a small core of soil and thatch to help improve the lawn’s […]

Seed and Fertilize your Grass this Fall!

Lawns that have not been watered consistently suffer in the hot summer months and many have dead areas. The same applies if the lawn is cut too short. Newly seeded grass stands up to heat and drought while older grass tends to become dormant. The new seed increases turf density to crowd out weeds and […]

How to Prepare your Grass for Fall!

Fall is a great season for many reasons.. It is a time of year that we get to see the green leaves turn into the most amazing vibrant shades of red, burnt amber and yellow. It is the time of year that we prepare for the fall festivities and prepare our green grass and home […]

Keep your Trees and Plants Healthy with Dormant Oil

Are your trees and plants not growing to their potential? Are they suffering from disease and insects? Your trees and plants are expensive, so maintain your trees and plants’ health and prevent potential problems from getting out of hand or eventual death. Your longest living trees and plants accumulate parasites like scale, fungi, eggs of […]

Get Healthy Trees and Shrubs with proper Root Feeding and Fertilizing!

Trees and plants are great for our environment. Every Tree we plant: 1.)  Is a filter that cleans pollutants such as carbon monoxide and ground-level ozone from our air 2.)  Is a shady umbrella that helps to keep harmful UV rays of the sun from reaching our skin and causing cancer 3.)  Increases the value […]