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Spring Lawn Care Tips

Spring is a wonderful time to bring your garden and lawn back to life. Are you concerned about the colour of your grass? Are you looking for some ideas on how to help your grass flourish during spring? Here are some tips from Green Blade Lawn Care.

Often in the spring, the grass is brown and matted and lifeless after the snow melts. Sometimes you may even see some white snow mould after the snow has just melted.  These conditions are very temporary.  As it warms up, you will see life returning to the grass and the plant will stand up and the mould will disappear.  Here are some tips from Green Blade Lawn Care Services to help revitalize your lawn!




  1. Clean up litter, leaves and other debris deposited on your yard over the course of winter.
  2. Rake stray leaves and dead grass when the grass is dry not to tear up the lawn.  This will also help control thatch build up.
  3. Remove dead leaves and stalks from perennial beds.
  4. Aeration is done in the spring when the soil is moist but not wet.  This process improves drainage and allows water and oxygen to the roots.
  5. Seeding will replenish and regenerate ageing lawns and repair damaged areas.  Did you know that cheap seed products often contain low-quality grass seed with a low germination rate?
  6. Fertilize in early spring!

Green Blade Lawn Care can provide premium quality grass seed and fertilizing packages to suit your needs and budget. For more information on how to achieve greener grass contact Green Blade Lawn Care.

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