Core Aeration

As lawns mature, dead grass clippings called thatch can smother your grass and keep roots from breathing. Builders also sometimes strip topsoil and leave homeowners with hard clay that does not allow air to get to roots of grass. For photosynthesis to occur, you need air to get to...

Weed Control

Weed control is the most important service we provide as a lawn care company. As weeds compete with grass for nutrition, water and sunlight, they can gradually take over. Left untreated, within a few years, weeds choke the life out of turf, leaving your grass sparse and unattractive.

Grub Control

Grubs, which are larvae of many species of beetles with C-shaped bodies, have tan brown heads and six distinct legs. Larvae, between 3/4- and 2-inches long, destroy the grass root system. Then sections of the lawn in hot areas will often turn brown and pull back from the soil....


As an annual grass, Crabgrass starts out in the spring a lime-green colour; as it matures in the summer heat, the leaf turns reddish-brown. It is a very hardy grass and will grow in the hottest areas of your lawn, besides concrete curbs and paved driveways. Eventually, crabgrass will...

Lime Treatments

Lime is an alkaline treatment product which helps stabilize soil acidity. Hard clay soil is acidic and the lime helps to stabilize the pH along with organic clippings that biodegrade and create top soil.