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Get Healthy Green Grass with Aeration!

A healthy green lawn can be achieved with the right plan executed at the right time. For example, timely lawn aeration during the spring can spark the growth of your grass and improve your grass overall health.

Core aeration is the removal of a small core of soil and thatch to help improve the lawn’s health and vigour and reduce maintenance.  Aeration improves soil oxygen to promote root growth and better microbial activity.  By extracting cores from the surface it relieves solid compaction and gives grassroots room to grow.   The roots grow deeper and spread further which helps your lawn survive the stress of drought, high temperatures and foot traffic.  Once core aerated your lawn will have little plugs from the soil.  These plugs will break down and disappear into the lawn within a couple weeks. Aeration is one of the best preventive maintenance treatments for your lawn.

A professional lawn care service provider, like Green Blade Lawn care, can ensure that your lawn is getting what it needs at the ideal stages throughout the year.  We have almost 40 years of experience successfully treating and creating greener lawns for our customers. Give us a call for a free greener lawn assessment and customized treatment plan.

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