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Brown Grass Can be Green Again with Dethaching

The snow is melting and you can add your grass again.  Your neighbours’ grass is green and lush while yours is multiple shades of brown.  Don’t worry your grass can be bright green again. Here are some tips from Green Blade Lawn Care.

As your lawn grows it can accumulate a thick layer of thatch on the surface of the soil.  Thatch is roots and rhizomes that act as a barrier to stop the movement of air, water and nutrients to the roots.  Thatch is the perfect environment for disease organisms and insects.  Chinch bugs in the mid-summer thrive in this layer.  By keeping your thatch to a minimum you will reduce turf damage from insects and diseases.  Compact clay soil causes water and fertilizer to stay on the surface also contributing to thatch.

As lawns age, they start to look patchy and lose their uniformity because different types of grass have different appearances. We recommend our clients rake well (or rent a power rake) in the early spring to get rid of thatch and maintain the uniformity of the grass.

Once you have completed the raking exercise you should seed and fertilize.  Contact Green Blade Lawn Care for information on the ideal fertilizer package that will ensure that your grass remains green all summer long. We have 40 years of experience successfully treating and creating greener lawns for our customers. Give us a call for a free greener lawn assessment and customized treatment plan.

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